about my final work

June 23, 2008

It is limited by time with person’s movement usually. However, the usual time axis doesn’t apply to the phenomenon that has happened in the body (in the spirit), and even the crash of time has occurred.
The house is likened to the tube, and several characters (color) coexist in that.
Two or more colours mix in the multiple personality person. But bassically there is only one colour in a tube that use for paint.
Things in the house (tube) wriggle unnaturally each other, overlap the color and the color each other, and then these change into the black.
In a word, if you mix flying the prawn, the fish, and the squid, etc. these seafoods become a mix seafood. Each material must becoming only one part to compose. It might apply to the relation between the person and the characters.



My idea for my final work I used  that time crushing for represent crush of the personalities.

This work inspired me that the indivisualism of time uses.In my opinion each lights are having each charactor as these are lives.

This work let me link with my concept that multiple personality.

Because these ants are obviously each individual ants but these ants can be said each ants are having different colours but they all looks same as same object from the point of human view.

Therefore I had similar feelings with this work and mine.



June 23, 2008

Through a year of MA course, I researched a theme that centre on a multiple personality.
Also the relationship between shadow and object are delivered from my theme of multiple personality.
Mostly I had trouble to create a scenario that visualization of invisible mental identities connect with digital art.

I realized some points after finished to create final piece that is about acting.
Basically my work is obviously student work, so is not able to find sponsors. Therefore I could only use a woman in the street even if I wanted to use professional actress. Also I had to find a Japanese woman in this foreign country because as I wrote in first section that Japanese language has many proper nouns.

The biggest bottleneck to create my work that is necessary to act different identities by just one actor and wanted to represent the changes of identity to the other identity because the stem of my concept is multiple personality.
Eventually I had to use extreme changes of identities in the scenario. Therefore the final work would be seen that looks like a woman acting different parts rather than acting multiple personality patient.
However I reckon learned a lot of the importance of editing as many people said that editing likes cooking, more than before.
Shoot an amateur woman acts a difficult part follows by scenario, repetition watch these footages very carefully then choose only nice parts from these footages and cook. Then I reconfirmed that it would be not tasty if I eat each part of footages individually, but I notice that if I cook well then these materials are being a tasty food likes mix meet fried rice.
If I could use professional actress then the scenario and editing would have more great width and might be easier to proceed, but there is some advantages to use amateur woman to act difficult parts that is find the way of choosing materials to cook, necessity of decoration as editing.

During I was living in England, I always thinking about identity and that reflected to my works. Both BA and MA studies, I researched and considered about identity follows by multiple personality.
After I going back to Japan this summer, I am going to find a job in film industry. I reckon that I would have more opportunities and connection for creations in the future. Then I would like to create a film with professional actress with my scenario which concept of multiple personality again. Because the theme is so deep and I did not satisfied my works with this theme yet.

Shadow study

June 23, 2008

This is a study of the relationship between shadow and line using Vector paint.

During I was using vector paint, I recognized that shodow is a line, which is movement of each different moments.


March 19, 2008




March 19, 2008

 This is a prototype of my studies.Now I ideally discovered that the relationships of shadows and identities that are explore by shaves of lines.In the image, you could see many different times of movement which are appeared by different shaves of characters.  

Project Report

March 19, 2008

Basically any objects made by globes (atoms).

Objects formative by chemical reaction.


When these individuals are bundled by one flame of set, the set will be individuals of the individuals.

Dirty White Trash (Tim Noble+ Sue Webster/1998) is a good example that the sculpture is being an individual of the individuals.


The same thing might be able to be said about the case with the multiple personality that has been researched up to now. It is one character that originally moves the body. It is not an exaggeration to say that the character owns the body in a word. It does so in the body, gathers by various characters, and is a reason that becomes one bundling as a group, and becomes an individual of the individuals again.


The shadow is a thing to follow to the object, and existence is admitted by the shadow as for the object.

The shadow to which shape is found by the line is a thing to find the main body

(Object) similarly.


It experimented by putting the point aimed at here, and using the vector paint.

Then, it was noticed that there were various possibilities.

It came to obtain the idea of reflecting the character from one direction that was from among the group of the set of body by the shape (line) found with the object.


Individual who exists in the set are made up of each experience.

One shadow comes to the surface when focus is applied to a certain part after it has covered with those all once.


Light finds shape from the object and the piece (shadow) is found choosing there. 

Experimental work; lines2

March 19, 2008

 This is an experimental image of line and shadow studies.I was tried to explore that the relationship between lines and shadows. 

kumiyamashita_001.jpg Building blocks (1997)Dialogue (1999)